Independent Equipment Representative for the Aluminum Extrusion & Finishing Industry

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Continuously searching the world over for the most innovative technology to advance the aluminum industry.

We welcome the newest members to the USA SAT team....

Alessandro Guerrini,

No. American Sales Mgr.


Tim Horist,

No. American Service Manager.

Updated picture to come!

Representing Finishing Products for USA & Canada

Representing Extrusion Products for USA & Canada

N5 Liquid Nitrogen Control System for Cooling Press Tooling During Extrusion


Need extrusion supplies?Contact Tom Nentwick at Extrusion Supplies Canfield, OH, USATom@extrusionsupplies.com330-506-9291

KTI can be involved at almost every level of your thermology program including on-site training, program consulting, and research. When you Think Thermal - think KTI and know that they are ready to build your program fro scratch with you or increase your abilities to heights you don't know even exist.

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