A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica

A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica was established in 1984 to realize innovative systems targeted on productivity and quality increase, specializing and becoming a market leader on aluminium extrusion sector, holding a specific know-how continuously improving and evolving thanks to the relevant annual Investments on R&D.

In 2012 we have been registered to Questio system by Lombardy region, that qualifies A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica as CRTT (Research and Technological Transfer Center).

A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica has a long and solid history being based on a long-time experience and proved knowledge of the sector: we have gained an experience greater than thirty years on aluminium extrusion, first operating directly on large enterprises, then developing systems able to follow the entire extrusion process, from the billet to the semi-finished product or the finished piece.

Our know-how and the flexibility granted, also together with our partners, let us provide a high-level support during analysis, sales, implementation and after-sales phases and results on a high-utilization rate of our system with a consistent customer satisfaction

Experience, know-how, continuous improvement

A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica has build his mission on these values and on a close partnership and cooperation relationship with the Client.


Thanks to the work of the Whole staff and our passion we design and realize automation system for the aluminium extrusion market, utilizing the best Technologies of the advanced Italian extrusion ‘school’, symbol of excellence and quality worldwide. These are the reasons why our systems became essential to improve the production quality, users daily operations and the environment.

A.t.i.e. Uno Informatica S.r.l.Via Macon 3023900 Lecco (LC)Italy390341210444