Case History

SAT created a series of videos with their customers to deliver a very informative look at the SAT equipment lines.

1st Episode

SAT Cube Plus Vertical Powder Coating Compact Line in Lacoviana (Viana do Castelo, Portugal)

2nd Episode

The innovative FOX flash anodizing pretreatment plant in line with the Trevisan Vertical Powder Coating Line of NorDan Sp. Z.o.o. (Wolsztyn, Poland)

3rd Episode

The innovative Cube Plus line of MÄKELÄ ALU OY, (Luoma-aho, Finland)

4th Episode

This time we take you to ALIPLAST Sp. Z.o.o (Lublin Poland), where we recently installed a new SAT vertical coating line, the second system by SAT in this facility of ALIPLAST/CORIALIS Group.